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Featured in the Michelin Guide,
Chef Ogawa brings a new and fresh omakase experience to Philadelphia.

Head Chef Minoru Ogawa

Ogawa Philly welcomes you to join us at our 12-seat sushi counter for an authentic and traditional omakase experience with an 23 course menu meticulously crafted by our Michelin Guide-featured Head Chef Minoru Ogawa.

featured spirits

Chichibu Distillery – 'Ichiro's Malt & Grain'

Blended Whisky

In Ichiro’s words this is an “all world whisky.” The key malt is produced in Chichubu by Ichiro and his team, then blended with a selection of Scotch, Irish, Canadian and American Whiskey aged in their own countries for 3-5 years and aged on site in Chichibu an additional 1-3 years. Ichiro’s Malt and Grain is blended to have a heart of Japanese whisky complimented by the major whiskies of the world. An excellent introduction to one of the most exciting distillers working today.

Eigashima Shuzo (White Oak) – 'Akashi'

Single Malt Whisky

A unique blend of sherry, brandy, bourbon, wine, American oak and even ex-shochu barrels allows for this unique Japanese Single Malt. Smooth, with lots of yellow apple, powder sugar, angelica fruit and hints of sea air.

Eigashima Shuzo (White Oak) – 'Akashi'

Blended Whisky

This is a whisky blended in the Scotch tradition and with Japanese precision. The malt is lightly peated and vatting is mostly ex-bourbon, balanced by the distillery’s unique variety of barrels. The nose is very fruity with apricots and dried fruits and a shy note of honey.

Eigashima Shuzo – 'Akashi (Can)'

Whisky Highball

Unpeated Akashi blended Japanese whisky combined with a small amount of American whiskey (approximately 10%) and carbonated water for a classic Japanese Highball

Fukano Distillery – '10 Year'


A beautiful combination of new and refilled American and European Oak casks. Bourbon like with notes of butterscotch, coconut and lychee.

Fukano Distillery – '14 Year'

Single Cask Whisky

Four special single casks were chosen to represent this unique whisky matured in new oak casks. Notes of orange peel, muscat, and sour cherries.

Mars Whisky – 'Iwai Blue Label'


Kiichiro Iwai, the namesake for this Mars Whisky, was a silent pioneer of Japanese whisky. This whisky is inspired by the great whiskies of America, with a majority corn mashbill, backed up with rye and barley. This 3 year minimum aged dram is prized for cocktailing, not only due to its quality, but also its attractive price.

Mars Whisky – 'Iwai Tradition Haru/Spring, Sakura Cask'


Mars Whisky – 'Iwai Tradition'


Matsui Distillery – 'Kurayoshi 18 Year'

Pure Malt Whisky

50% ABV. A deeply complex spirit derived from extensive aging. The sweet taste of honey, mixed with smoke, spice and mint, lingers on the palate, carried and lifted by this 18yr whisky’s higher ABV.

Bijofu – 'The Gentleman'

Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

Defined and precise, the Bijofu Junmai is a sake with zip, spice and drinkability. Not a heavy or earthy Junmai, this sake is light and fresh, with faint notes of passion fruit and freshly crushed mint leaves. Matsuyama Mii rice milled to 60%.

Hakugyokko – 'Fragrant Jewel'

Nama Yamahai Junmai Sake

A singular expression of Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 60%, Hakugyokko is a Muroka Nama Genshu (no charcoal filtration, unpasteurized and undiluted) made using Kidoizumi’s unique Hot Yamahai fermentation method. Emblematic of the brewery’s brash and rich style, it has a ripe fruit driven nose and a deep-layered complex taste. Honeydew melon and lychee on the palate which finishes with a robust dryness. Due to its unique production it is a remarkably sturdy brew, continuing to breathe and develop even weeks after opening.

Isojiman – 'Omachi 53 - Pride of the Seashore'

Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

A lively and bracing sake, full bodied and assertive. Initial fruit notes of white peach balanced by darker shades of fresh cut herbs and a definitive saline finish that makes it an ideal pairing for fresh seafood and a knockout pairing for freshly cracked oysters. Made from heirloom Bizen Omachi rice milled to 55%.


Daiginjo Sake

Exquisite example of the daiginjo style, with prominent aromas of melon and blueberry, a smooth texture and medium full body with notes of tropical fruit and anise. Excellent enjoyed on its own or to complement light seafood dishes like grilled whitefish or raw oysters. Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 48%.

Kirinzan – 'Kagayaki'

Daiginjo Genshu Sake

Elegant and delicate, the Kirinzan Daiginjo Genshu contains multitudes of flavor. Fresh and lively with mint and lemongrass. Notes of ripe apricots tempered with touches of anise, fennel and herbs adds complexity to this rich sake. Local Koshi Taneri rice milled to 40% remaining, after brewing the toji has skipped the standard step of a water addition leaving the resulting sake layered and dense with flavor.

Toyo Bijin – 'Asian Beauty Super Dry'

Junmai Ginjo Sake

A beautifully dense and complex sake, the Ichiban Matoi has notes of fresh strawberry and melon. Enjoyable on its own or with lighter fare like fluke or salted and grilled vegetables.

Yukikage – 'Snow Shadow'

Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

This is a true gutsy Niigata style sake, smooth and earthy, with notes of toasty brown rice. When chilled it makes a great companion for a sushi platter or gyoza dumplings, but when gently warmed it blossoms into the perfect accompaniment for yakitori, grilled salmon or roasted yellowtail. A blend of local rice varietals Gohyaku-Mangoku and Koshi-Ibuki both milled down to 58% then treated with the S-3 yeast to produce a mildly fragrant and clean sake with light earthy qualities.

Zaku – 'Selection N'

Junmai Daiginjo

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